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Terms & Conditions

The main purpose of this section is to make aware all our customers about the policies that we follow and since we are a customer-centric company we want everything to be crystal clear with our clients.

1) We give an instant resolution to all our customers when they touch base with us on our Amazon customer care number.
2) We are very particular and consider the information of the client as very confidential so we don't ask any financial information from our clients.
3) We are committed to removing unauthorized content.

We can understand that if via tools we require to get the access of our end users we will make sure and will not proceed further without taking the formal permission from our clients. As we value you and your assets and it is paramount for us.

However all this conversation regarding your solution will be recorded for monitoring and quality purpose, and it will also make sure that whether our customers were addressed in a proper manner or not. If there is a need to escalate the call to the higher level it will be done so that your issues are resolved uninterrupted. As our goal is to become the world's number customer-centric company.