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Q. How can we sell on Amazon?
A. As we all know that Amazon gives equal opportunity to all to grow, one can buy from Amazon and also can get himself registered with us as a seller. If still someone is finding difficulty in this he can contact on amazon phone number and our team will help you in this regard.

Q. How can I list my products in all Amazon categories?
A. This is question that is most frequently asked by our customer's and this is in itself a subject specific question. This can be correctly probed and answered by calling on amazon customer care no and our team will help you in this regard.

Q. How can I shut down my account ?
A. Yes you can close your account and it would be better if you wrap up all your listings and solve all your pending transaction. If need clarity you can also feel free to talk on our Amazon support number and we will help you in this regard.

Q. How can I touch base with amazon if I have any issue ?
A. In case you are face any issue regarding your purchase on Amazon you can contact on our dedicated Amazon customer care, we will be more than happy to assist you.

Q. Can I connect with Amazon via Chat ?
A. Yes surely yuo can contact Amazon via chat, but what we would advise you is you can also contact on our Amazon customer care number for a speedy resolution of your issue.

Q. Can I report my problem to Amazon ?
A. Absolutely you can report any problem or any issue you are facing the best way to do so is by contacting our Amazon service number and we will help you will all your issues.

Q. How can I make the payment to Amazon for a purchase ?
A. there are few ways by which you can make a payment to Amazon ie by COD cash on delivery, by net banking while you contact our Amazon support number, by debit and credit card.

Q. Can I open a New account on Amazon ?
A. Yes you can open your account on Amazon by visiting our site or if you want our Amazon customer service can also help you in this regard with a ease.

Q. How can I sell on US and Canada marketplaces ?
A. you can sell on both US and Canada market places the procedure is the same you can be paid in the local Currency in your local bank. But still if you are facing any difficulties in doing so you can contact our Amazon USA and Amazon customer service Canada and we will help you in this regard without taking much of your valuable time.

Q. How will I be charged for monthly subscription Fees ?
A. This fees is only applicable for selling account only.once you complete the registration process this is charged. but for more clarity you can also contact on our Amazon customer service phone number and we will guide you.

Q. what is the working time of the phone service ?
A. Our Amazon customer service number is available 24*7 and you can feel free to contact us in case you have any issue.

Q. In case of any grievance whom should we contact ?
A. First of all we try to not have any discomfort to our customers but still you have any issue and you would like to raise it you can contact Amazon and register your complaint with us and we will make sure that we will tale required action on it.

Q. For any refund can we contact on phone ?
A. yes, you can contact amazon fulfillment center and get a refund for any issue you are facing.

Q. How will I come to know that whether I have made a sale ?
A. We will intimate you via SMS or mail about your sale. But you can also use amazon contact us option for detailed report.

Q. what if facing issue regarding Amazon prime ?
A. For any prime issue you can directly contact on our dedicated amazon prime customer service phone number and get a instant resolution regarding your issue.

Q. What is the cost attached in the items that we sell ?
A. All these charges are based on the category for which you have sold the products, however you can also get information regarding the same by contacting on Amazon help phone number and we will guide you accordingly.